Pirates of Zanzibar

by | Jun 19, 2016

Grand Opening – Saturday 2nd July 2016

Join Katie Price as she launches The Black Heart, the amazing galleon at the centre of our sensational new attraction.

Avast, ye landlubbers! The Black Heart is on the high seas again, with a course plotted directly for Flamingo Land. We’ll be arriving soon, so you better make ready for when we sail into port, as mischief and mayhem will prevail!

Captain Plunder

Anyone who’s recently visited Flamingo Land will have seen that preparations are underway for the imminent arrival of Captain Plunder and his tall ship, The Black Heart. Now, with the Pirates of Zanzibar sighted just off the coast, it won’t be long before you can enjoy this swashbuckling live show featuring breathtaking fight scenes and acts of the darkest skulduggery!

Pirates of Zanzibar tells the story of a crew descended from the infamous Spice Pirates of 1779, when spices were the most valuable items in the world. After reaching the East African Coast, the Spice Pirates invaded the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar, which became the ‘black heart’ of their evil empire.

From 2nd July you can join Captain Plunder at 11:00am, 1:00pm and 3:00pm every day to hear his tales of the high seas, while his crew bring these spice stealing stories vividly to life.
And, for those brave enough to meet our spice pirates, they’ll be out and about scouting for plunder around Metropolis from 10:00am each day.

Join Flamingo Land’s fight against 21st century piracy

For almost a decade, Flamingo Land’s real life ‘adventurers’ in Tanzania are working to save threatened forests and their indigenous wildlife from loggers and poachers.

So, simply by visiting Flamingo Land you’re helping to save African forests from real life ‘pirates’.

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