New Baby Penguin At Flamingoland

by | Apr 27, 2016

Zoo keepers were delighted to welcome the first of several chicks recently to the Flamingo Land family and the task of taking care of them, alongside their penguin parents, will begin until the chicks are fully fledged.

“We keep a close eye on our penguin chicks to ensure they are gaining weight and growing as we would expect,” said Ross Snipp Zoo Manager Flamingo Land Yorkshire. “Each day the chicks are weighed and their growth and vital statistics plotted to ensure they flourish.”

Humboldt penguins, which are categorised as vulnerable, are found in the southern hemisphere of the world, generally off the coasts of Peru and Chile. They are named after the ‘Humboldt Current’ which flows from the Antarctic to the equator. This current brings cold water packed full of anchovies, other types of fish, krill and squid, a perfect feast for these penguins. Due to their adapted wings, streamlined body, and webbed feet, penguins are excellent at diving and hunting.

Sarah Mills Director of Marketing at Flamingo Land commented;

“All new babies need a fitting name and we look forward to partnering with Minster FM and their listeners to name our new additions to the Flamingo Land family.”

The penguin colony can be seen at Flamingo Land and, for penguin enthusiasts, a fantastic ‘Penguin Experience’ can be enjoyed which allows children over the age of 8 (under 12 must be accompanied by an adult) to feed the penguins.

Further information and details on how to book can be found here –Penguin Encounter


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